15.220 | Spring 2012 | Graduate

Global Strategy and Organization

Lecture Notes

Lecture slides for select class sessions are provided. Interspersed between the lecture content are also typed notes, which outline key questions, core concepts, and additional thoughts that were offered during class discussions.

Part I: Understanding Internationalization
1 Going “Global” and Being “Global” Slides and Notes for Lecture 1 (PDF - 1.0 MB)
2 The Advantage of Internationalization
3a Different Nations and National Culture Slides and Notes for Lecture 3a (PDF)
3 Exploiting Home-Based Advantage Slides and Notes for Lectures 3–5 (PDF)
4 Augmenting Home-Based Advantage
5 Building Metanational Advantage
Part II: Relating Strategy and Organization
6 Between a Global Business and a Global Company Slides and Notes for Lectures 6–7 (PDF - 1.3 MB)
7 Global Integration and National Responsiveness
8 Local Adaptation Slides and Notes for Lectures 8–9 (PDF)
9 Global Strategy and Knowledge Management
10 Global Delivery
11 Global Innovation

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