15.387 | Spring 2015 | Graduate

Entrepreneurial Sales


1 Making a Sales Call  
2 Making a Sales Call & Product Knowledge  
3 Sales Prospecting

Video 1 due (M-Z)

Video 1 due (A-L)

4 Setting Sales Quotas & Compensation Video 2 due (M-Z)
5 Team Selling

Video 2 due (A-L)

Teams of four submitted for team elevator pitch competition

6 Sales Training & Forecasting Video 3 due (M-Z)

Elevator Pitch Competition

Channel Problems

Elevator Pitch due

Video 3 due (A-L)

8 Life of a Regional Sales Manager Video 4 due (M-Z)
9 Merger Problems Video 4 due (A-L)
10 Managing an Inside Sales Organization  
Start of Sales Module
11 Opening a Subsidiary Take a Salesperson to Lunch due
12 Expanding to the U.S.  
13 Sales Force Reorganization  
14 Negotiating an OEM Agreement  
15 Managing a Salesperson in a Large Company  
16 Complex Sales Situations  
17 Evolution of a Sales Model  
18 Freemium Business Models  
19 Selling in the Age of Social Media  
20 Using Customer Relationship Management Software Take a Sales Manager to Lunch due
21 Using Marketing Automation Software  
22 Wrap Up  

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