15.515 | Fall 2003 | Graduate

Financial Accounting


Problems assigned for the reciations and problems reviewed during each session are all from the course textbook, J. Pratt, Financial Accounting in an Economic Context, 5th ed., John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

1 Review of Basic Book-keeping Procedures (PDF) E2-4, E2-7, E2-12, ID2-7  
2 Review Accrual Accounting Principles (PDF) E4-2, E4-6, E4-10, E4-14, P4-13  
3 Review Revenue Recognition, A/R Concepts, and Inventory Valuation (PDF) E6-6, E6-8, P6-7 E7-8, E7-9, E7-11, P7-6
4 Review the Matching Principle and Long-Lived Assets (PDF) E9-5, E9-18, BE9-3, ID9-7 P9-3, P9-14, P9-16, BE9-2
5 Review Statement of Cash Flows (PDF)

Concepts for the Midterm (PDF)

  E14-8, E14-3, P14-13

Midterm Review: E4-5, P6-4, P7-9, P9-8, P14-14

6 Review Taxes and Marketable Securities (PDF)   E10-11
7 Review Current Liabilities and Long-Term Debt (PDF)   P8-6, E11-4
8 Review Debt and Valuation (PDF)   ID11-2
9 Review Long-Term Debt, Leases, and Shareholders’ Equity (PDF)   E11-20, E11-13, E11-17
10 Review Acquisitions (PDF)   P12-11, E8-6
11 Preliminary Review for Final Exam (PDF)    

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