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LEC # Topics Files
1 Introduction, Overview of the Course and the Role of Taxes in Business (PDF)
2 A Framework For Tax Planning (PDF)
3 A Framework For Tax Planning (PDF)
4 Implicit Taxes and Clienteles (PDF)
5 Organizational Form (PDF)
6 Arbitrage and Limits to Tax Planning  
7 Non-Tax Costs (PDF)
8 Marginal Tax Rates (PDF)
9 Compensation (PDF)
10 Compensation (PDF)
11 Corporate Formation (PDF)
12 Corporate Formation (PDF)
13 Capital Structure (PDF)
14 International (PDF)
15 International  
16 International  
17 International  
18 Taxable Acquisitions (PDF)
19 Taxable Acquisitions (PDF)
20 Taxable Acquisitions (PDF)
21 Tax-Free Acquisitions (PDF)
22 Tax-Free Acquisitions  
23 Guest Speaker  
24 Divestitures (PDF)
25 Divestitures  
26 Miscellaneous Topics and Wrap-up  

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