15.564 | Spring 2003 | Graduate
Information Technology I


The Basics: Hardware, OS, and Software
1 Introduction: Course Overview; Inside the CPU
2 Computer Architecture: Processing, Memory and I/O
  Recitation: Little Man Computer
3 Computer Representations; Compression
4 Operating Systems
  Recitation: Computer Hardware and Operating Systems
5 Software Development
  Recitation: Software Development
6 Relational Databases; Database Queries Using SQL
7 An Introduction to Microsoft Access
  Recitation: SQL Queries (PDF)
8 Relational Database Design
9 Introduction to User Interface Building with Access Examples


Access Form Practice (PDF - 1.2 MB)

Database Design (PDF)

Networks and Telecommunications
10 Telecommunication Concepts; Data Transmission
11 Local Area Networks; Ethernet; Packet-switched Networks
  Recitation: Midterm Exam Review
12 Midterm Exam - In Class
13 Wide Area Networks; The Internet
14 Wireless Network Technologies
  Recitation: Network Technologies
Distributed Computing and Web Technologies
15 Client/Server, Peer-to-Peer and the WWW
16 Security I: Public Key Cryptography
  Recitation: Using PGP
17 Security II: Digital Signatures; Network Security
18 Evolution of Web Technologies
  Recitation: Network Security
eBusiness Applications
19 Under the Hood of a Commercial Web Site

Recitation: Microsoft FrontPage

Read the online tutorial: FrontPage 2000 in the Classroom. ACT360 Media Ltd. in conjuction with Microsoft Corporation. 1999. Available at the ACT360 web site.

20 Data Mining, Data Warehousing
21 Software Agents
22 Student Presentations I
23 Student Presentations II
  Recitation: Final Exam Review
24 Trends in eBusiness Technology; Course Wrap-up
25 Final Exam - In Class