1 Course Introduction  
Role of the Organization in IT
2 Should the General Manager Care to Learn IT? Case: Andreu, Prof. Rafael. “Autoventa Diaria S.A.: Memorandum to the CEO and the CMO/CIO Crisis.” IESE Case No. 0-192-030 SI-35-E. IESE Publishing, 1992.
Positioning and IT
3 Re-Positioning the Value Proposition Through IT Case: Subirana, Prof. Brian and Marcel Zuidhof. “Virtual Distribution on the Internet and the Transformation of the Publishing Industry.” IESE Case No. 0-196-026 SI-93-E. IESE Publishing, 1996.
4 Aligning Programs and Processes 
The MIT View of the Firm
5 Electronic Markets and Supply Change Management

Case: Konsynski, Prof. Benn. “Baxter Healthcare Corp.: ASAP Express.” Harvard Business Case No. 9-188-080. Boston: Harvard Business School, 1988.


  • Short and Venkatraman. “Beyond Business Process Redesign: Redefining Baxter’s Business Network.” Sloan Management Review, Fall 1992.

6 Designing an Industry-wide Information Architecture (I): “Under the Hood” of a Commercial Website


  • Porter, Michael. “What is Strategy?” Harvard Business Review, November 1996.
  • Ghemawhat, Pankaj. “Commitment.” Free Press, 1991, chapter 2.

7 Designing an Industry-wide Information Architecture (II): Transaction Streams Hagel III, John and Jeffrey Rayport. “The New Infomediaries.” McKinsey Quarterly, Number 4, 1997.
8 A View Into the Future: Web Technologies Basics and the Semantic Web

Orfali, R. et al. “Client/Server Survival Guide (3rd edition).” Wiley, 1999, chapters 26-27.


  • Wright, R. “The Man Who Invented the Web.” Time, May 19, 1997.
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IT-Enabled Operational Effectiveness
9 SAP in Manufacturing 
What Should the CEO Know About ERPs?

Case: Andreu, Rafael, Sandra Sieber, Brian Subirana, Josep Valor and Fernando Jim?nez. “Implementation of SAP at CELSA (B).” IESE Case No. 2-103-019 SI-139-E. Barcelona, Spain: IESE Publishing, January 2003.

Davenport, T. H. “Putting the Enterprise into the Enterprise System.” Harvard Business Review, August 1998, pp. 121-131.

10 Aligning IT and the Organization: Role of Artificial Intelligence and Other Forecasting Technologies

Case: Ostrofsky, Keri and Prof. James Cash. “Mrs. Fields’ Cookies.” Harvard Business Case No. 9-189-056. Harvard Business School, 1988.

“J. C. Penney Decentralizes Its Purchasing. Individual Stores Can Tailor Buying to Needs.” TWJ Europe, May 8, 1986.


The Central Nervous System of Automated Virtual Manufacturing Plants

Guest Speaker: Jim Miller, VP Supply Chain & Logistics, Cisco Systems, Inc.


Linking Process Modeling Architecture with ERP The Case of American Meter Company, ARIS and SAP

Guest Lecture: Ed Brady, IT Director, American Meter Company

“Business Process Improvement and Software Selection Using ARIS at a Mid-Market Manufacturing Company.” Business Process Excellence: ARIS in Practice. Springer, 2002, pp. 109-128.

Brady, Ed. “Demo of Aris Framework.” IDS Scheer AG.

“The BPS Market Catches Another Major Updraft.” IDS Scheer/Gartner, 2002.

13 The Little-man Computer

Madnick, Stuart. “Understanding the Computer (Little Man Computer).” 1993. (Unpublished manuscript.)


  • White, Ron et. al. “How Computers Work (Millennium Edition).” Zipf Davis, 1999. 

    (Good introductory text on the internals of computer hardware and system software. This book is recommended if you don’t have a background in science or engineering.)


IT and Productivity

Cost Reduction of IT Automation Within Intel Manufacturing Plants

Guest Speaker: Stanley Stanzyk, Automation Manager in Charge of Computing Cost Reduction. Intel Corp.

Case: Stanzyk, Stan and Tee Welton under supervision of Prof. Brian Subirana. “IT/Automation Cost Reduction in Intel’s Manufacturing Environment.” Cambridge, MA: MIT Sloan, 2003.

Embedded Intelligence, RFIDs and the Auto-ID Initiative

Guest Speaker: Prof. Sanjay E. Sarma, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Co-Founder and Research Director of the Auto-ID Center at MIT

16 Introduction to Databases, Data Modeling and XML  
IT Implementation and Delivery

Role of Senior Management in the Implementation Process

The Case of Handheld Devices

Case: O’Callaghan, Ramon under supervision of Michael Vitale. “American Crown (Condensed).” IESE Case No. 3-195-003 SI-73-E. Barcelona, Spain: IESE Publishing, 1994.
18 Designing an Industry-wide Information Architecture (III): Computer Security/Cryptography

Behar, Richard. “Who’s Reading Your E-mail?” Fortune. Feb. 3, 1997, pp. 57-70. VanDam, Chuck under supervision of Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson. “Encryption and Authentication.” Stanford University Case Studies. Stanford University Case Services, April 1998.


PC Webopedia - Encryption Category Page. (

(Terms to look up: symmetric-key cryptography, DES, public-key encryption, RSA, Pretty Good Privacy, authentication, digital signature, digital certificate, PKI, SSL, digital cash, smart card.)


Implementing Computer Vision Solutions in Manufacturing

Guest Speaker: Pam Lipson, Founder / CEO, Imagen Inc. Technology Assignment Due


Steel Manufacturing and Cross-Company Processes Delivering an Industry-wide IT Solution

Guest Speaker: Richard Rowe, Founder of RoweCom

Case: Subirana, Prof. Brian. “ Challenges in Aligning Technology and Strategy in B2B.” IESE Case No. SI-118. Barcelona, Spain: IESE Publishing, 2000.
Conclusion: The Future of IT, Manufacturing, and You

Artificial Intelligence and the Robots of the Future

Guest Speaker: Prof. Rodney Brooks Director, MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

22 Strategic Framing: Broadband Technologies and the Information Value-chain Case: Sandoval, Matthew L under supervision of Prof. Stephen P. Bradley. “Excite@Home: Betting on a Broadband Revolution.” Harvard Business Case No. 9-700-069. Boston: Harvard Business School, 2000.

What Should the CEO Know About Manufacturing?

Wireless Technologies and 3G Guest Speaker: Lars-Göran Hansson, Manufacturing Processes, Ericsson

24 Course Closure  

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