Lecture Notes

This series of presentations provides information to further your understanding of the course content and software.

1 Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs) (PDF)
2 Introduction to swarm creativity and COINs (PDF - 1.2MB)
3 Cool coolhunts (PDF - 1.9MB)
4 Social network analysis: Basic concepts, methods, and theory (PDF - 1.2MB) (Courtesy of Johannes Putzke. Used with permission.)
5 Create Gephi graphs from Condor data (PDF)
6 Analyzing Collaborative Care Networks (C3N) (PDF - 2.6MB)
7 Social me: What your social network tells you (PDF - 2.3MB)
8 Getting started with Condor (PDF - 2.9MB)
9 Coolhunting blueprint (PDF - 1.4MB)
10 Coolhunting WWF (PDF - 1.4MB)
11 What is coolhunting? (PDF - 1.2MB)
12 Coolfarming: How to unlock the power of your COINs (PDF - 1.4MB)

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