15.665 | Spring 2014 | Graduate

Power and Negotiation

Lecture Notes

Selected lecture notes and provided below. Note that some information on these lecture slides may refer to simulations, role plays, or videos that were only shown in class.

1 Introduction to Negotiations No lecture notes
2 Slicing the Pie: How to Win Lecture 2: Slicing the Pie (PDF)
3 Expanding the Pie: How Both Parties Can Win Lecture 3: Expanding the Pie (PDF)
4 The Negotiator’s Dilemma and Discovering your Style Lecture 4: Negotiator’s Dilemma (PDF)
5 Difficult Tactics and Overcoming Obstacles to Win-Win Lecture 5: Overcoming Obstacles (PDF)
6 The Centrality of Relationships Lecture 6: Relationships (PDF)
7 Cross-Cultural Negotiations Lecture 7: Cross-Cultural Negotiation (PDF)
8 Autonomy and Status Lecture 8: Autonomy and Status (PDF)
9 Multiparty Negotiations and Coalitions Lecture 9: Multiparty Negotiations and Coalitions (PDF)
10 The Power of Fairness and Ethics in Negotiations Lecture 10: Fairness and Ethics (PDF)
11 Internal Negotiations No lecture notes
12 Student-Led Simulations and Presentations No lecture notes
13 Wrapping It All Up No lecture notes

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