15.763J | Spring 2005 | Graduate

Manufacturing System and Supply Chain Design

Lecture Notes

All lectures are courtesy of the course faculty, or the individuals named, and used with permission.

1 Introduction and Course Overview

Class Introduction (PDF)

Case Study: Use of a Queueing Model to Design a Lean System (PDF) (Jamie W. Flinchbaugh)

Lean Factory Spreadsheet (XLS)


Manufacturing System Design

Class will introduce and discuss key topics in manufacturing system design by means of an example: design of a PC production facility, including choice of assembly configuration, set up of material handling system, capacity sizing.

Design of Manufacturing System (PDF)

Queuing for System Design (PDF)

After the Race (PDF)

Design and Implementation of Cellular Manufacturing in a Job Shop Environment (PDF) (Liana Maria Alvarez Lopez)

Decision Elements in the Design of a Consumer Electronics Assembly Plant (PDF) (Thomas M. Furey)

Concurrently Designing a Physical Production System and an Information System in a Manufacturing Setting (PDF - 1.9 MB) (James Alexander Scott Katzen)

3 Manufacturing System Design: Service Systems Implementing Lean Manufacturing Through Factory Design (PDF - 1.1 MB) (Jamie W. Flinchbaugh)
4 Supply Chain Design I Logistics Network Configuration

Manufacturing System Design: High volume automated lines - choice of buffers and buffer sizing

Guest speaker: Dr. Mitchell Burman, Analytics, Inc. Boston, MA. In this class we will hear about various projects on the analysis and design of automated production lines with finite buffers.

The Use of Operations Research Techniques to Improve the Design of a Hewlett-Packard Printer Production Line (PDF) (Mitchell Burman)
6 Supply Chain Design II MetalWorks Case
7 Decentralized Distribution Systems Decentralized Distribution Systems
8 Revenue Management Case Study: van Ryzin, Garrett J. “Transportation National Group.” Columbia Business School, Revised November 12, 1998.
9 Guest Speaker  
10 Pricing Strategies Pricing Strategies
11 Design of a Supply Chain for a New Product

Optimizing the Supply-Chain Configuration for New Products (PDF) (Prof. Stephen C. Graves and Sean P. Willems)

Optimizing the Supply-Chain Configuration for New Products (PDF) (Prof. Stephen C. Graves and Sean P. Willems)

12 Guest Speaker: Mike Romeri, Lead Director, Process Technology Group at PRTM  
13 Flexibility and Capacity Planning Case Study: Van Mieghem, Jan A. “Seagate Technologies Operational Hedging.” Kellogg School of Management, November 5, 1998. (Revised October 25, 2002.)
14 Internet Based B2B Procurement Strategies Supply Contract Game
15 Flexibility and Capacity Planning

Flexibility and Capacity Planning (PDF)

Multi-Stage Flexibility (PDF)

16 Class Summary and Wrap Up Class Summary (PDF)