There are approximately 15 cases in this course. Of these only two, Genentech and Applichem, require significant quantitative analysis. Each person should write up three of these during the term, one of which should be either Genentech or Applichem. A write-up includes a three-page analysis of the case, guided by the study questions, any readings for the session, and any ideas discussed previously in the course.

Format for Case Write-up

Assume you are writing to someone who knows the facts; keep it succinct because nobody likes reading long reports. The write-up is not to exceed three single-spaced pages of typed text (not smaller than 12 pt. font, please), with up to three supporting exhibits (five for Applichemm or Genentech).

Structure of Case Write-up

A good paper should clearly and succinctly state recommendations in the first paragraph. The remaining paragraphs should present the rationale for the recommendations, including expected consequences (both desirable and undesirable). Each case has a set of questions, which are a guide to help you with the analysis– however, you should not limit your analysis to narrowly answering these questions. A good report is not a chronology of analysis, but a clearly articulated statement of recommendation and support. If there are options under consideration in the case that you reject , a clear rationale for your decision should be provided. Facts stated in the case need not be resta teed unless used to make a point.

Grading of Case Write-up

Write-ups will be graded with the following items considered:

  1. Broad discussion of relevant strategic, operational and environmental issues.
  2. Analysis
    1. Qualitative analysis of all factors relevant to the problem.
    2. Quantitative analysis (if appropriate) and explanation of approach.
  3. Explicit recommendations, reasoning and implications of such, including discussion of implementation and expected consequences of the recommendations.
    1. Clarity, logic, creativity, exposition.

Honor Code for Case Write-up

Write-ups for Genentech or Applichem can be done in groups of two or three students. The other write-ups should be done individually and without use of anyone else’s analysis of the case.

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