15.795 | Fall 2002 | Graduate

Seminar in Operations Management


There are three basic, escalating assignments. (1) MiniMap - pick a preliminary technology area and prepare a MiniMap by Week 3. You may do this as individuals or teams. A MiniMap is a “quick’n’dirty” 5-10 PowerPoint slideshow highlighting key information about your area of interest and the top open questions and concerns you and industry players have about future technology trends. (2) Update - hone in on your principal technology area and work intensively to prepare your roadmap. You’ll be presenting 5-10 slide updates on your TRM effort, highlighting especially things which you think are unique to your sector, especially worth sharing, open areas of concern and uncertainty, and so forth. This is not intended to be a final presentation or performance. (3) TRM Finale - prepare a logical and exhaustive TRM compilation by the end of the semester. While this is necessarily a “living document” and we fully expect you and/or future students to extend and expand on it, nevertheless we would like this to be as complete a snapshot of understanding in your technology-industry sector as possible. Between the Update and the Finale, we will be formally meeting.

Fall 2002 Minimap Project Topics

  • AutoInformatics Roadmap
  • Communications TRM Mini Map Project
  • IPv6 Roadmap Project
  • IWRM Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Nanotechnology Mini Map
  • Portable Energy Systems: Industry and Technology Roadmap
  • Roadmapping Carbon Sequestration Technologies in the Electric Power Sector
  • Software Industry Road Map
  • Telematics in the Automotive Industry
  • The Computer Graphics, Apps, and Audio Roadmap
  • Technology Roadmapping
  • Technology Roadmapping in the Commercial Aerospace Industry
  • Technology Roadmapping: Project Proposal/Overview
  • Technology Roadmapping: Team Neuro Mini Map

Fall 2002 TRM Update Presentation Topics

  • “Blown to Bits” - IP Network Convergence
  • Display Technology Roadmap
  • Enterprise Software Industry Road Map
  • Home Network Technology Road Mapping
  • Loss Leaders and Product Diffusion: A Systems Dynamics Analysis
  • Neuro-Imaging
  • Technology Roadmap for the Commercial Satellite Industry
  • Photonics Technology Roadmap
  • Portable Energy Systems: Industry and Technology Roadmap
  • Roadmap for IT in Manufacturing
  • Technology and Industry Roadmap for Web Services and the Semantic Web
  • Technology Roadmapping in the Telematics Industry
  • Ubiquitous Communications Roadmap
  • Video, Audio, and Game Platform Value Chain Roadmap Interim Research Status

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