15.963 | Spring 2008 | Graduate

Advanced Strategy


I. Introduction
1 Does sustained performance exist?
II. What drives sustained performance?
2 Reviewing 15.900: Strategy fundamentals: position vs. competencies
3 Case: Wal-Mart
4 Case: Southwest
5 Pause for reflection
III. Organizational Competence and Relational Contracts
6 Revisiting 15.311: Lincoln Electric in China
7 Case: The HP-Cisco Alliance
8 Case: Toyota
9 Case: BP
10 Case: BP and the Baker report
11 Pause for reflection
IV. Changing Relational Contracts
12 Case: Best Buy and Circuit City
13 Case: Delta and Song
14 Pause for reflection: Toyota’s expansion
V. Doing Strategy when Competence Matters
15 Case: Good to Great
16 Case: Lilly (A)
17 Case: Lilly (B)
18 Case: Corning
19 Case: Paul Levy
20 Case: Paul Levy (B)
21 Case: Simmons
22 Case: Simmons (B)
VI. Wrap Up
23 Student presentations of highlights from term projects
24 Conclusions

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