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1 Introduction

Business for Social Responsibility: www.bsr.org

Domini Social Investments www.domini.com

CERES: www.ceres.org

Forum Future: www.forumforthefuture.org.uk

Global Reporting Initiative: www.globalreporting.org

SustainAbility: www.sustainability.com

United Nations Global Compact: www.unglobalcompact.org

UNDP: www.UNDP.org

World Resources Institute (WRI): www.wri.org

Oxfam International: http://www.oxfam.org/

Pioneers of Change: www.pioneersofchange.net

Society For Organizational Learning (SoL): http://www.solonline.org/

Scharmer, O., 2003. “The Blind Spot of Leadership”:

Brian Arthur 2001 Interview:

Geoff, Lane, and Melissa Carrington. “Measuring The Triple Bottom Line.” Sustainable Development.

“New Era of Transparency: Two-Thirds of Multinationals in Europe, 41% in U.S. Consider ‘Triple Bottom Line’ in Corporate Reporting, PricewaterhouseCoopers Finds.” Management Barometer (September, 2002): New York.

Senge, Peter M. “Innovating Our Way to the Next Industrial Revolution .” Sloan Management Review 42, 2 (Winter 2001): Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Reprint 3211.

Senge, Peter M., and Goran Carstedt. “The leader’s New Work: Building learning Organization.” Sloan Management Review 32, 1 (Fall 1990): Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Reprint 4222.

2 Precise Observation IDEO: www.ideo.com

Kelley: The Art of Innovation: www.theartofinnovation.com

Käufer et al: Reinventing Healthcare:

3 Company Visits Ben & Jerry’s: www.benjerry.com
KLD www.kld.com

Plug Power: http://www.plugpower.com/Home.aspx

PwC Sustainablity Group www.pwc.com/sustainability

Schlumberger, SEED www.slb.com/seed

UN Global Compact: www.unglobalcompact.org

(PDF 1): Brochure (PDF 2): Mission (PDF 3): Primer

4 Sense-making MBDC: www.mbdc.comwww.greenblue.org

Global Institute For Responsible Leadership:

Joseph Jaworski Interview:

5 Crystallizing Project Ideas Digital Divide Data: watch video at www.digitaldividedata.org

Kahane Article:

6 Prototyping Project Ideas John Kao Interview:
7 Presenting Results Ten Challenges of Change: Senge/Kaufer 2000:
Senge, Peter M., and Katrin H. Käufer. “Communities of Leaders or No Leadership at All.” In Cutting Edge: Leadership. Edited By Barbara Kellerman, and Larraine R. Matusak. 2000.

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