15.992 | Spring 2008 | Graduate

S-Lab: Laboratory for Sustainable Business



Henderson = Rebecca M. Henderson
Locke = Richard M. Locke
Slaughter = Sarah Slaughter
Sterman = John Sterman

Framing the challenge
I. Introduction
1 Course overview Locke; Lorrie Vogel, Manager, Nike “Considered” Brand Assignment 1 out
2 The state of the world Sterman Assignment 1 due
3 Organizational response Henderson  
Framing a response
I. Get your own house in order
4 Redefining traditional business models Locke; Ricardo Marini, Banco Itau  
5 Walking the talk: sustainability and new product development Locke Project bids due two days before Ses #5
6 Sustainable retail. Can big box stores really go green? Sterman  
II. Restructure the supply chain
7 Ensuring sustainability along the supply chain Locke  
8 Ensuring the sustainability of shared resources Henderson  
9 Social sustainability and labor standards Locke Work plan due
III. Be aware of what is possible
10 What is legal? What is politically feasible? Locke; Jeff Shames, MIT Sloan  
11 Pause for reflection: everything’s connected    
IV. Build a new industry (or rebuild an old one)
12 Alternative transportation networks: simulation Sterman  
13 Case example of alternative transportation opportunities Sterman Interim report due
14 Energy efficiency as a new market Henderson Assignment 2 out
15 Green buildings: new markets and services Slaughter Assignment 2 due
16 Sustainable infrastructure and international markets Slaughter  
17 Organic foods: creation of a new industry Henderson  
18 Growth with vision Henderson  
V. Change the world
19 Action at the macro level: setting a price for carbon Sterman  
20 Action at the industry and societal levels: industry collaborations, certification efforts, and partnerships with NGOs Locke; Peter Senge  
21 Action at the community level Henderson; Bill Reed  
22 Individual action Sterman Draft final report due
VI. Summary
23 Poster session: project presentations   Project poster due
24 Reflections   Final report due

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