Lecture Notes

The following set of lecture notes were organized specifically for the OCW course site, and correspond to the Lecture Videos. You will also find each linked on the corresponding Lecture Notes tab in the video gallery.

1 Introduction (PDF - 1.3MB)
2 Analytical Techniques (PDF - 3.0MB) (Courtesy of Joel Fried. Used with permission.)
3 Basic Strategy (PDF - 3.3MB)
4 Pre-flop Analysis (PDF - 3.6MB)
5 Tournaments (PDF - 4.9MB)
6 Poker Economics (PDF - 2.6MB) (Courtesy of Aaron Brown. Used with permission.)
7 Game Theory (PDF) (Courtesy of Bill Chen. Used with permission.)
8 Decision Making (PDF - 1.8MB) (Courtesy of Matt Hawrilenko. Used with permission.)

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