16.00 | Spring 2003 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and Design


All homework assignments are due the next class day after they are assigned.

Day # Lectures Readings Assignments
1 Introduction: What is Engineering? Chapter 1, History of Flight HW: Beginning-Of-Term  
Questionnaire ([PDF](/courses/16-00-introduction-to-aerospace-engineering-and-design-spring-2003/resources/questionnaire_2003))
2 Design  
The Scale of the Things
Chapter 2, Intro. to Engineering  
Chapter 12, LTA Vehicle Design, pp. 283-287.  
Decavitator Design Process
HW 1: Chapters 1, 2, and 12 ([PDF](/courses/16-00-introduction-to-aerospace-engineering-and-design-spring-2003/resources/hw1_03))
3 Aerodynamics Chapter 3, Aerodynamics  
EOI: Airships, EOI: Heavier Than Air  
4 Aerodynamics/Performance Chapter 4, Aircraft Performance HW 2: Aerodynamics ([PDF](/courses/16-00-introduction-to-aerospace-engineering-and-design-spring-2003/resources/hw2_03))
5 Aircraft Performance Chapter 12, LTA Vehicle Design, pp. 287-300 HW 3: Performance ([PDF](/courses/16-00-introduction-to-aerospace-engineering-and-design-spring-2003/resources/ps3_2003))
6 Design Drawing Structures Chapter 5, Intro. to Structures Rocket Design Laboratory (PDF)
7 Lighter-Than-Air Vehicle (PDF)  
Human-Powered Flight  
Decavitator: Human-Powered Hydrofoil  
Daedalus: Human-Powered Aircraft  
Paper Airplane Flights
  EOI: Human-Powered Flight  
Prepare for Delta Design Exercise
8 Teamwork  
Delta Design Exercise
9 Delta Design Exercise   EOI: Lighter Than Air
10 Propulsion/Electronics Chapter 6, Aircraft Propulsion  
11 Stability and Control Chapter 7, Intro. to Stability and Control Rocket Flight/Launches  
HW 4: Structures
12 Design Day (LTA Design Kits handed out) Chapter 12, LTA Vehicle Design, pp.301-312 Rocket Laboratory Due
13 Preliminary Design Review (PDR) PDR Template and Example on CD-ROM Preliminary Design Review: Due
14 Ethics in Engineering Challenger Case Study  
15 Astronautics: the Space Environment Chapter 8, The Space Environment  
16 Personal Design Portfolio Day   PDP Template  
PDP Examples on CD-ROM
17 Orbital Mechanics Machine Tools  
18 Satellite Design Chapter 10, Satellite Systems Engineering  
19 Design Day TA Shop Schedule  
20 Critical/Completed Design Review (CDR) CDR Example on CD-ROM Completed Design Review: Due
21 Extravehicular Activity (EVA) Chapter 11, Human Space Exploration  
Space Team Online
Personal Design Portfolio: Due
22 Design Day TA Shop Schedule  
23 LTA Vehicle Race Trials    
24 Space Flight Experiments and Robotics Personal Design Portfolio Redo  
25 LTA Vehicle Race Day   End of Term Questionnaire
26 LTA Vehicle Awards Course Wrap-Up Mandatory Attendance End-Of-Term Questionnaire  
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