16.01 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Unified Engineering I, II, III, & IV


This section contains the quizzes administered during both the Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 semesters.

Quiz Format

Each 50-minute quiz covers one of the disciplines covered in the course. Quizzes are administered during lecture sessions, except for two held during Finals Week each semester. Quizzes are scored on a 100-point scale.

“Joe B”

To help students gauge their performance, each quiz has an associated “Joe B” score. “Joe B” is a hypothetical student who always scores a middle B letter grade on his quizzes. Students whose score significantly exceeds Joe’s could achieve an A grade. Performance far short of Joe’s warrants a C grade or lower.

Quiz Weighting

Quiz scores contribute to students’ final grades in Unified Engineering. Exams based on a greater number of lectures contribute to the final grade more than exams based on fewer lectures.


The quizzes, along with the specific lectures whose topics are tested by each quiz, are included in the tables below. In some cases, the questions and solutions are presented in separate files, and in others, they are provided in the same file.


Quiz 1: Thermodynamics T1 - T12 (PDF)
Quiz 2: Computers and Programming C1 - C16  
Quiz 3: Signals and Systems S1 - S14 (PDF)
Quiz 4: Materials and Structures M1 - M11 (PDF)
Quiz 5: Fluid Mechanics (PDF) F1 - F11 (PDF)
Quiz 6: Fluid Mechanics (PDF) F12 - F23 (PDF)
Quiz 7: Materials and Structures M12 - M25 (PDF)


Quiz 1: Materials and Structures (PDF) M1 - M9 (PDF)
Quiz 2: Fluid Mechanics (PDF) F1 - F14 (PDF)
Quiz 3: Materials and Structures M10 - M20 (PDF)
Quiz 4: Fluid Mechanics (PDF) F15 - F21 (PDF)
Quiz 5: Signals and Systems (PDF) S1 - S12 (PDF)
Quiz 6: Computers and Programming C1 - C14 (PDF)
Quiz 7: Propulsion P1 - P9 (PDF)
Quiz 8: Computers and Programming C15 - C23 (PDF)
Quiz 9: Signals and Systems S13 - S23  
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