16.050 | Fall 2002 | Undergraduate

Thermal Energy

Lecture Notes

When combined, the lecture notes below form a continuous document. They are divided here for accessibility and ease of use. The sections are numbered independently. The table of contents and index below apply to the complete set of lecture notes. These materials were made available to students online, and formed the basis for class sessions.

  Table of Contents and Acknowledgement (PDF)
0 Prelude: Introduction and Review of Unified Engineering Thermodynamics (PDF)
1 The Second Law of Thermodynamics
1a Background to the Second Law of Thermodynamics (PDF)
1b The Second Law of Thermodynamics (PDF)
1c Applications of the Second Law (PDF)
1d Interpretation of Entropy on the Microscopic Scale — The Connection between Randomness and Entropy (PDF)
2 Applications of Thermodynamics to Engineering Systems
2a Gas Power and Propulsion Cycles (PDF)
2b Power Cycles with Two-Phase Media (Vapor Power Cycles) (PDF)
2c Introduction to Thermochemistry (PDF)
3 Fundamentals of Heat Transfer (PDF)
3a Introduction to Conduction Heat Transfer
3b Introduction to Convection Heat Transfer
3c Applications of the Concepts: Heat Exchangers
3d Introduction to Thermal Radiation and Radiation Heat Transfer
  Index (PDF)

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