16.06 | Fall 2012 | Undergraduate

Principles of Automatic Control


This calendar outlines the sessions for the course including the relative timing of the lectures (L), recitations (R), problem sets, and exams. Recitations typically met in between the first and second lecture of every week. The two quizzes were held on the same day as the recitations and replaced the second lecture for the week. Problem sets were due weekly on the third session of the week with some fluctuation due to holidays

L1 Why automatic control? Categorization of control systems  
L2 Block diagrams, the effect of feedback  
L3 Modeling principles  
R1 Feedback diagram problems  
L4 Block diagram manipulations, Mason’ rule  
L5 Dynamic response of closed-loop systems Problem set 1 due
L6 Time-domain specifications  
R2 Step response problems  
L7 Effect of zeros  
L8 The Routh criterion Problem set 2 due
R3 Routh array problems  
L9 Effect of noise, steady-state errors  
L10 PID control Problem set 3 due
L11 The root locus method  
R4 Root locus problems  
L12 Root locus rules  
L13 Root locus rules, lead compensation Problem set 4 due
L14 Lag compensation  
L15 Zero degree root locus Problem set 5 due
L16 Frequency response design  
R5 Root locus problems  
  Quiz 1  
L17 Bode plot problems Problem set 6 due
L18 Bode plots (cont.)  
R6 Bode diagram problems  
L19 Complex poles and zeros, unstable poles, and non-minimum phase zeros  
L20 The Nyquist stability criterion Problem set 7 due
L21 The Nyquist stability criterion (cont.)  
R7 Nyquist plot problems  
L22 Nyquist with poles on imaginary axis  
L23 Stability margins, Bode gain-phase theorem Problem set 8 due
L24 Bode compensation  
R8 PD controller design problem  
L25 Lead compensation  
L26 Lag compensation (cont.) Problem set 9 due
R9 Lead compensator design problem  
L27 NMP systems  
L28 The Nichols chart Problem set 10 due
L29 Digital control, the z-transform  
R10 Compensation strategy design problem  
  Quiz 2  
L30 The z‐transform, design by emulation, the Tustin transform  
R11 Nichols plot problem  
L31 Compensator design examples, time delay of ZOH  
L32 Discrete design Problem set 11 due
L33 The w-transform  
R12 Discrete-time controller design problem  
L34 Design examples, pre‐warping, direct design  
L35 Higher harmonic control Problem set 12 due
R13 Discrete-time controller design problem and review  
  Final exam  

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