16.07 | Fall 2009 | Undergraduate



The calendar below provides information about the lecture (L) and recitation (R) sessions.

L1 Introduction  
R1 MATLAB® demo  
L2 Degrees of freedom and constraints, rectilinear motion  
L3 Vectors, matrices and coordinate transformations  
L4 Curvilinear motion; Cartesian coordinates Homework 1 due
R2 Recitation  
L5 Other coordinate systems  
L6 Intrinsic coordinates  
L7 Relative motion using translating axes Homework 2 due
R3 Recitation  
L8 Relative motion using rotating axes  
L9 Linear impulse and momentum; collisions  
L10 Angular impulse and momentum for a particle Homework 3 due
R4 Oral quiz 1  
L11 Conservation laws for systems of particles  
L12 Work and energy  
L13 Conservative internal forces and potential energy Homework 4 due
R5 Recitation  
L14 Variable mass systems: the rocket equation  
L15 Central force motion: Kepler’s laws  
L16 Central force motion: orbits Homework 5 due
R6 Midterm 1  
L17 Orbit transfers and interplanetary trajectories  
L18 Exploring the neighborhood: the restricted three-body problem  
L19 Vibration, normal modes, natural frequencies, instability Homework 6 due
R7 Recitation  
L20 Energy methods: Lagrange’s equations  
L21 2D rigid body dynamics Lab 1 due
L22 2D rigid body dynamics: work and energy Homework 7 due
R8 Recitation  
L23 2D rigid body dynamics: impulse and momentum  
L24 Pendulums  
R9 Oral quiz 2  
L25 3D rigid body kinematics Homework 8 due
L26 3D rigid body dynamics: the inertia tensor  
R10 Recitation Homework 9 due
L27 3D rigid body dynamics: kinetic energy, instability, equations of motion  
L28 3D rigid body dynamics: equations of motion; Euler’s equations Homework 10 due
R11 Midterm 2  
L29 3D rigid body dynamics Lab 2 due
L30 3D rigid body dynamics: tops and gyroscopes Homework 11 due
R12 Oral quiz 3  
L31 Inertial instruments and inertial navigation Homework 12 due

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