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Students will participate in an integrative team project developed with The Boeing Company concerning the aerodynamic analysis and design of a Blended-Wing Body (BWB) aircraft. During the first two months of the semester, students will complete assignments to learn the basic skills necessary to analyze the BWB aircraft. In the final month of the semester, teams of approximately three students will complete a redesign of the BWB. These teams will be responsible for completing the design project and documenting their results in a design report.

During the first two months of the semester, the staff will guide the students through the completion of the assignments. These assignments will be completed in pairs that the students can select, however, the pairs must be different for each of the assignments. Then, in the final month, the Labs will be dedicated to the teams working on the design project with staff in attendance to provide guidance. The students will be assigned to the design teams by the staff. Attendance will be taken for all lab sessions. The total individual student grade on the design project will be based on a team project grade (20%) and an individual contribution grade (80%). The individual contribution will be assessed from three sources:

  1. Instructor interactions with the teams throughout the semester including work session attendance,
  2. Written evaluations after each milestone by all team members of the contributions of each team member (including self-evaluations), and
  3. Delineation within the written reports of an individual’s contributions.

Project Assignment 1 (PDF)

Project Assignment 2 (PDF)

Project Assignment 3 (PDF)

Project Assignment 4 (PDF)

Project Design Assignment (PDF)

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