16.20 | Fall 2002 | Undergraduate

Structural Mechanics

Study Materials

Handouts for the class, other than the unit/lecture notes, will be posted on the day that the handout is distributed in class. Handouts will be listed here in chronological order and identified by the title of the handout. Students who miss handouts may obtain these handouts from the Administrative Assistant of the course for one week after the date of the handout. Only students of 16.20 have permission to download and to print these handouts. These handouts are made available only for the personal use of the student.

Handouts for Unit 1

  • Topics Covered: Materials & Structures Section of Unified (PDF)

Handouts for Unit 3

  • Summary of Section II – Review of General Elasticity (PDF)

Handouts for Unit 10

  • Summary of Section III – Review of Basic Torsion Theory (PDF)

Handouts for Unit 13

  • Summary of Section IV – General Beam Theory (PDF)
  • Summary of Section IV – Common Sections and Moment of Inertia (PDF)

Handouts for Unit 15

  • Shell Beam Theory (PDF)

Handouts for Unit 15

  • Single Cell Beam Example (PDF)

Handouts for Unit 16

  • Section V – “Stability and Buckling” (PDF)

Handouts for Unit 19

  • Section VI – “Introduction to Structural Dynamics” (PDF)

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