16.20 | Fall 2002 | Undergraduate

Structural Mechanics


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Lectures: 4 sessions / week, 1 hour / session

Course Overview

The primary goal of 16.20 is to give students an understanding of the essential elements necessary to analyze aerospace and other structures. The second goal of 16.20 is to extend understanding and capability to use the fundamental skills, knowledge and sensitivities that are the traits of a successful engineer.

All the information and policies concerning the course is contained in these documents. Thus, answers to questions concerning the administration of the course can be found herein. Students are particularly pointed to the sections regarding grading, exam attendance/absences, and academic honesty.

This course builds on the material presented in the Materials & Structures section of Unified Engineering (Courses 16.010-16.040) supplemented by some material from the “Unified” and “Dynamics” sections. A list of topics as covered in Unified that are pertinent to 16.20 is contained in the document entitled “Topics Covered: Materials & Structures Section of Unified.”

  • Course Information and Policies (PDF)
  • Topics Covered: Materials & Structures Section of Unified (PDF)

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