16.30 | Spring 2004 | Undergraduate

Estimation and Control of Aerospace Systems

Lecture Notes

This section contains lecture outlines for the course. The instructor uses the blank spaces in these outlines to work through problems and concepts during class.

1 Introduction (PDF)
2 Frequency Response Bode Plot Rules (PDF)
3 Frequency Response (cont.) (PDF)
Gain / Phase Margins (PDF)
4 Bode Plot Exercises
5 Bode Plots for Unstable Open - Loop Systems
6 Root - Locus Review (PDF)
7 Root - Locus Examples
8 Compensation Design Principles (PDF)
9 Compensation Design Principles (cont.)
10 Proportional Control (PDF)
Extra Handout (PDF)
11 Lag and PID Compensation (PDF)
12 Lead and PID Compensation (PDF)
13 Examples (PDF)
14 High Frequency Roll-off
Notch and Plant Inversion (PDF)
15 Design Example Lead-Lag Compensation (PDF)
Extra Handout (PDF)
16 Examples (cont.)
17 More Examples
18 Control of Unstable Plants (PDF)
Extra (PDF)
19 Control of Unstable Plants (cont.)
20 Quiz
21 Models of Nonlinearities (PDF)
22 Common Effects of Nonlinearities (PDF)
23 Prof. David Trumper’s Lecture
24 Describing Functions
Introduction and Motivation (PDF)
25 Describing Function Analysis (PDF)
26 Computing DFs
27 DF Analysis: Example 1, Stability of Boat Autopiloot
28 DF Analysis: Example 1 (cont.)
29 DF Analysis: Limit Cycling (PDF)
30 DF Analysis: Jump Resonance
31 DF-based Compensation Design
32 DF-based Compensation Design (cont.)
33 Phase-Plane Analysis
Introduction and Motivation (PDF)
34 Phase Plane Drawing Rules
35 Phase - Plane Example I Carry-on Suitcase
36 Phase - Plane Example II Satellite System
37 Phase - Plane Example III Satellite System
38 Phase - Plane and Parameter Dependence of System Dynamics
39 Phase - Plane and Parameter Dependence of System Dynamics (cont.)
  Final Exam (3 hours)

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