16.346 | Fall 2008 | Graduate



The following table includes a selection of the course assignments. Some problems include solutions.

1 The two-body problem (PDF)
2 The two-body problem (cont.) (PDF)
3 Barker’s equation and Kepler’s equation (PDF)
4 The initial-value problem (PDF)
5 Euler angles (PDF)
6 The orbital boundary-value problem (BVP) (PDF)
7 Optimum orbital transfer (PDF)
8 Analytical and geometric properties of the BVP (PDF)
9 Lambert’s theorem and the Lagrange time equation (PDF)
10 Transformation of the BVP (PDF)
12 Patched conics and planetary flybys (PDF)
14 Hypergeometric functions and continued fractions (PDF)
18 Preliminary orbit determination using Taylor series (PDF)
22 The covariance, information, and estimator matrices (PDF)
26 The Clohessy-Wiltshire equations of relative motion (PDF)
33 Runge-Kutta method of numerical integration (PDF)

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