1 Introduction  
2 Sampling theorem  
3 Measuring information and entropy Problem set 1 due
4 Quantization  
5 Source coding Problem set 2 due
6 Modulation  
7 Modulation with 2-D signal Problem set 3 due
8 Signal detection in noise Problem set 4 due
  Quiz 1  
9 The matched filter  
10 Geometric signal representation  
11 Hypothesis testing and bit error rate (BER) analysis Problem set 5 due
12 Link budget analysis and design  
13 Channel capacity and coding Problem set 6 due
14 Channel capacity and coding (cont.)  
15 Cyclic codes and error detection Problem set 7 due
16 The data link layer: framing  
17 Automatic repeat request (ARQ) protocols: stop and wait Problem set 8 due
18 ARQ protocols: go back N, selective repeat protocol (SRP)  
  Quiz 2  
19 Delay models for data networks: introduction Problem set 9 due
20 Delay models for data networks: single server queues  
21 Packet multiple access  
22 Packet multiple access (cont.) Problem set 10 due
23 Routing in data networks  
24 Routing in data networks (cont.)  

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