16.422 | Spring 2004 | Graduate

Human Supervisory Control of Automated Systems


Term Project Assignment

The purpose of this final project is to allow you to synthesize the knowledge gained in this class with either current research projects or potential research interests. There are three general areas that you can pick from:

  1. Design and conduct an experiment in which you explore some measure of human performance through testing, analyze the results, and discuss the broader implications.

  2. Develop a case study relevant to the integration of complex sociotechnical systems (aviation, other forms or transportation, medical systems, etc.). This format should include a comprehensive historical view as well as an analysis of both technical and social issues, with some focus on implications for the future. System level case studies are especially recommended.

  3. Design an actual display that uses automation for decision support. The displays do not have to be fully functional, but should include some level of functionality. While formal experimental testing is not required, a small group of users should be used to identify problems with the design to include functionality evaluation as well as recommendation for future improvements and systems integration.

The topic for each of these areas is entirely your choosing but you may ask the instructors for ideas in all three categories as well as for suggestions on how to modify existing research to fit within the project parameters. You will be required to submit a literature review for this project as well as provide a brief 10 minute presentation by Lecture 13 of your progress and intentions.

Case Studies

Sophie Adenot
Carl Nehme
A320 Strasbourg 1992 Accident Analysis (PDF)
Ada Lim
Jonathan Histon
Grounding of the Panamanian Passenger Ship Royal Majesty
Paul Mitchell
Sylvain Bruni
American Airlines Flight 965 Accident Report Cali, Colombia (PDF) (Courtesy of Paul Mitchell and Sylvain Bruni. Used with permission.)
Luca Bertuccelli
Seung Chung
China Airlines CI676 Nagoya Incident (PDF) (Courtesy of Luca Bertucelli and Seung Hwa Chung. Used with permission.)
Dan Craig
Dan Morales
Mike Oliver
USS Vincennes Incident (PDF) (Courtesy of Daniel Craig, Daniel Morales and Michael Oliver. Used with permission.)

Final Projects

Paul Mitchell Measuring Human Performance: Maintaining Constant Relative Position to a Lead Vehicle in a Simulation (PDF) (Courtesy of Paul Mitchell. Used with permission.)
Sylvain Bruni The Role of Instant Messaging on Task Performance and Level of Arousal (PDF) (Courtesy of Sylvain Bruni. Used with permission.)
Luca F. Bertuccelli Missile Supervisory Control Study Patriot (PDF) (Courtesy of Luca Bertucelli. Used with permission.)
Dan Morales The Integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Offensive Combat Situations (PDF) (Courtesy of Daniel Morales (2nd Lt. USAF). Used with permission.)
Jonathan Histon Standard Flow Abstractions as Mechanisms for Reducing ATC Complexity (PDF) (Courtesy of Jonathan Histon (Research Assistant, PhD Candidate). Used with permission.)
Mike Oliver The Effects of Display Type on Operator Decisions and Confidence (PDF) (Courtesy of Michael Oliver. Used with permission.)