16.50 | Spring 2012 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Propulsion Systems

Lecture Notes

This section includes select lecture notes for the course excluding lessons on aircraft propulsion and jet engine rotordynamics. Lecture notes were originally developed by Jack L. Kerrebrock and subsequently adapted by Manuel Martinez-Sanchez.

1 Rocket equation; gravity loss; optimum acceleration Lecture 1 (PDF)
2 Rocket staging; range of aircraft; climb & acceleration Lecture 2 (PDF)
3 Orbital mechanics; single force center Lecture 3 (PDF)
4 Hyperbolic orbits; interplanetary transfer Lecture 4 (PDF)
5 Non-chemical rockets; optimum exhaust velocity Lecture 5 (PDF)
6 Modeling of thermal rocket engines; nozzle flow; control of mass flow Lecture 6 (PDF)
7 Modeling of rocket nozzles; effects of nozzle area ratio Lecture 7 (PDF)
8 Types of nozzles; connection of flow to nozzle shape Lecture 8 (PDF)
9 Solid propellant gas generators; stability; grain designs Lecture 9 (PDF)
10 Models for rocket engines; flow of reacting gases Lecture 10 (PDF)
11 Reacting gases (cont.); temperature dependence of specific heats Lecture 11 (PDF)
12 Nozzle flow of reacting gases Lecture 12 (PDF)
13 Rocket casing design; structural modeling Lecture 13 (PDF)
14 Heat transfer and cooling Lecture 14 (PDF)
15 Ablative cooling Lecture 15 (PDF)
16 Thrust vectoring; engine cycles; mass estimates Lecture 16 (PDF)
17 Aircraft propulsion, configuration and components Lecture 17 (PDF)
18 Aircraft engine modeling; turbojet engine Lecture 18 (PDF)
19 Turbojet engines (cont.); design parameters; effect of mass flow on thrust. Lecture 19 (PDF)
20 Introduction to component matching and off-design operation Lecture 20 (PDF)
21 Turbofan engines Lecture 21 (PDF)
22 Inlets or diffusers Lecture 22 (PDF)
23 Exhaust nozzles Lecture 23 (PDF)
24 Compressors and fans Lecture 24 (PDF)
25 Velocity triangles; compressor performance maps Lecture 25 (PDF)
26 Compressor blading; design; multi-staging Lecture 26 (PDF)
27 Turbines; stage characteristics; degree of reaction Lecture 27 (PDF)
28 Turbine solidity; mass flow limits; blade temperature Lecture 28 (PDF)
29 Turbine cooling; general trends and systems; internal cooling Lecture 29 (PDF)
30 Film cooling; thermal stresses; impingement cooling; how to do cooling design Lecture 30 (PDF)
31 Compressor-turbine matching; gas generators Lecture 31 (PDF)
32 Engine structures; centrifugal stresses; engine arrangements Lecture 32 (PDF)
33 Critical speeds and vibration Lecture 33 (PDF)
34 Combustors; afterburners Lecture 34 (PDF)
35 Pollutant; motivations for control; formation; strategies for reduction Lecture 35 (PDF)
36 Aircraft engine noise: principles; regulations Lecture 36 (PDF)
37 Jet noise, turbomachinery noise Lecture 37 (PDF)
38 Rotordynamics of the jet engine Lecture 38 (PDF)

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