16.622 | Fall 2003 | Undergraduate

Experimental Projects II


Lectures on relevant topics are covered in 16.621, so the 16.622 schedule includes very few formal meetings. In 16.622, students have class only twice during the semester although they attend team meetings with the faculty and weekly meetings with their advisor. Throughout the semester, students mainly work independently to complete the design of their experiment conceived in 16.621.

1 Sign-up for Team Meetings
2 Informal 15 Minute Team Meeting and Status Report with Course Staff and Advisor

Sign-up for Week 5 and 6 Progress Reports


4 Communications Class: Progress Reports (Craig)

Due: Notebooks

5 Oral Progress Reports

7 Due: Notebooks
8 Progress Review – Informal 15 Minute Team Meeting with Course Staff and Advisor


11 Last Day to Take Data

Due: Notebooks

12 Communication Class: Final Report

Due: Outline for Jointly Authored Reports

Data Analysis for the Final Report (Deyst)

13 Final Oral Presentations

15 Class Feedback

16.622 Project Display and Pizza Party

Last Day of Classes

Due: Electronic Versions of Final Written Report and Final Oral Presentation