16.63J | Spring 2016 | Undergraduate

System Safety


1 Introduction, Uberlingen; Class Description n/a
2 Introduction to Accident Causality, Bhopal, Hindsight Bias Assignment 1 out
3 Discuss Citichem Causes, Hindsight Bias Assignment 2 out; Assignment 1 due
4 System-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes (STAMP), Systems Theory, Accident Models n/a
5 More on STAMP, Systems Theory, Accident Models Assignment 2 due
6 CAST and Accident Analysis n/a
7 More on CAST n/a
8 Traditional Hazard Analysis (HA) n/a
9 Traditional Hazard Analysis (HA) (cont.) Assignment 3 out
10 Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) Intro, Basic Components Assignment 3 due; class project out
11 STPA n/a
12 STPA (cont.) Class project P1 and P2 due
13 STPA and Review Projects n/a
14 Design for Safety Class project P3 due
15 Design for Safety (cont.) Take-home exam on accident analysis and hazard analysis out
16 Human Factors Class project P4 due
17 Human Factors (cont.) Take-home exam due
18 Cyber Security n/a
19 Discuss Take Home Exam n/a
20 Operations, Regulation n/a
21 Operations, Regulation (cont.) n/a
22 Invited Speaker Class project P5 due
23 Management n/a
24 SUBSAFE Completed class project (P6, P7, and P8) due
25 Present Projects n/a
26 Present Projects (cont.) n/a

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