16.687 | January IAP 2019 | Undergraduate

Private Pilot Ground School


Day 1
Lecture 1: Introduction
Lecture 2: Airplane Aerodynamics
Lecture 3: Learning to Fly
Lecture 4: Aircraft Systems
Special Lecture: Oshkosh 2018—Safe Space for Light Aircraft Pilots
Lecture 5: Charts and Airspace
Lecture 6: The Flight Environment
Lecture 7: Navigation
Lecture 8: Helicopter Aerodynamics
Special Lecture: F-22 Flight Controls
Day 2
Lecture 9: Meteorology
Lecture 10: Communication and Flight Information
Lecture 11: Aircraft Ownership and Maintenance
Special Lecture: The How and the Why of IFR
Lecture 12: Aircraft Performance
Lecture 13: Interpreting Weather Data
Lecture 14: Human Factors
Special Lecture: Aerobatics
Day 3
Lecture 15: Flight Planning
Lecture 16: Seaplanes
Lecture 17: Small UAS Operations
Lecture 18: Weight and Balance
Lecture 19: Multi-Engine and Jets
Lecture 20: Flying at Night
Lecture 21: Weather Minimums and Final Tips

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January IAP 2019
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