16.810 | January IAP 2007 | Undergraduate

Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping


The series of the assignments from the class are represented here, and this file gives the overview of them:

Assignment Overview (PDF)


L1: Introduction to Design (de Weck)

Team Presentations



Form teams of 2-3, pick components to be designed, tour the facilities. Teams Assigned
2 L2: Hand Sketching (Wallace) Sketch initial designs by hand, rough sizing and concept.

(A) Requirements and Interface Document (2 pages)

Template (PDF)

Example (PDF)


L3: CAD Mechanical Modeling (de Weck)

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) (de Weck)

Solidworks® Tutorial

Initial CAD Model of components. Start FEM modeling. Initial static loads analysis, performance analysis.

(B) Hand Sketch of Conceptual Design (1 page)

Assignment (PDF)

Example (PDF)

4 L4: Prototyping Avionics (Electronics) Design circuit boards, simple avionics layout, prototyping the avionics into PCB’s.  
5 L5: Electric Motors and Hybrid Drives (Beat Arnet, Azure Dynamics) Learn about electric motors, hybrid drives, energy storage devices.

(C) Solidworks® CAD Model, performance analysis (5 pages memo)

Example (PDF)

6 L6: Manufacturing and Testing (de Weck) Introduction to manufacturing, water jet cutting, manufacturing, testing.  

L7: Microwave System Design (Frank Willwerth, Lincoln Lab)

Prepare final presentation.

(D) Manufacturing and Test Report (2 pages report)

Template (PDF)

8 Critical Design Review (CDR) Give final presentations; display final products.

(E) CDR Presentation (max 8 slides)

Example (PDF)

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