16.851 | Fall 2003 | Graduate

Satellite Engineering


The table below is more accurate than the calendar found in the course syllabus. Problem set evaluation due dates are described in the assignments section.

1 Launch Systems

2 Orbital Mechanics

3 Spacecraft Power Systems Problem set 1 out
4 Propulsion

5 The Environment of Space Problem set 1 due
6 Optics 1:
Introduction to Optics
Problem set 2 out

Problem set 1 evaluation due

7 Optics 2:
Introduction to Optics (cont.)

8 Optics 3:
Adaptive Reconnaissance Golay-3 Optical Satellite (ARGOS)
Problem set 2 due
9 Attitude Determination and Control (ADCS)

10 Formation Flight 1:
Electromagnetic Formation Flight
Problem set 3 out

Problem set 2 evaluation due

11 Formation Flight 2:
Optimization of Separated Spacecraft Interferometer Trajectories in the Absence of a Gravity-Well
Problem set 3 due
12 Formation Flight 3:
Minimum Energy Trajectories for Techsat 21 Earth Orbiting Clusters

13 Formation Flight 4:
Trajectory Design for a Visible Geosynchronous Earth Imager
Problem set 4 out

Problem set 3 evaluation due

14 Structures in Space Systems

15 Space Systems Cost Modeling Problem set 4 due
16 Satellite Systems Software

17 Software Engineering for Satellites

18 Spacecraft Autonomy Problem set 5 out

Problem set 4 evaluation due

19 Spacecraft Computer Systems

20 Satellite Telemetry, Tracking and Control Subsystems Problem set 5 due
21 Satellite Communication

22 Reentry Problem set 6 out

Problem set 5 evaluation due

23 Spacecraft Thermal Control Systems

24 Ground System Design Problem set 6 due

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