16.885J | Fall 2004 | Graduate

Aircraft Systems Engineering


Case Studies

The deliverables for the semester are versions of a detailed case study of an existing aircraft, prepared by teams of 4-5 students. Teams balancing student background and aircraft preferences will be formed by the second class meeting.

A suggested outline for the case study is found here.

The case study will develop over the entire semester with interim written and oral versions covering the evolving content and providing opportunity for feedback from faculty and peers. Team grades will be given for the written and oral versions.

All four versions will be read and graded by Prof. Hansman and Prof. Murman.

Mr. Haggerty will read and provide critical feedback on Version III.

Teams are encouraged to ask their Subject Matter Expert to read Version III for content accuracy.

The due dates for the case study versions are as follows:



2 Hard Copies of Written Version I Due in Class

First Drafts of Sections 2-4

Working Outline for Remaining Sections


2 Hard Copies of Written Version II Due in Class

Second Drafts of Sections 2-4

First Draft of Sections 5-6 (Without all the Sub-systems)

Solid Outline or Early Drafts of Sections 7-9


25 Minute Team Presentations of Material in Sections 2-6


3 Hard Copies of Written Version III Due in Class

Draft of Sections 1-10

(Version III represents a Draft of the Final Case Study)
(Content should be representative of Final Version)


25 Minute Team Presentations of Material in Sections 1-10

4 Hard Copies of Final Written Version Due in Class (Includes all Sections)