16.885J | Fall 2005 | Graduate

Aircraft Systems Engineering


The following documents are the final presentations developed by student groups in the class. Each group picked a shuttle system to analyze and proposed upgrades based on present technological capabilities. All projects are courtesy of the students named and used with permission.

Orbiter Cockpit (PDF) Liang Sim, Kevin R. Duda, Thaddeus R. F. Fulford-Jones, Anuja Mahashabde
Thermal Protection System (PDF) Daniel Kwon
Long Duration Orbiter Environmental Control and Life Support System (PDF ‑ 1.5 MB) Alejandra Menchaca, Andrew Rader, Scott Sheehan
Shuttle Propulsion (PDF ‑ 1.2 MB) Junghyun Ahn, Brian Bairstow, Steve Bresnahan, Dan Judnick
Guidance Navigation and Control Subsystem (PDF) Jon Beaton, Ben Stewart, Kieran Culligan, Drew Barker

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