16.885J | Fall 2005 | Graduate

Aircraft Systems Engineering


The following is a compilation of documents that relate to the topics presented in class. All reports are courtesy of the person named, and used with permission.

Defense Acquisition University Press. “System Engineering Fundamentals.” January 2001. (PDF ‑ 1.2 MB)
NASA. “NASA’s Exploration Architecture.” (PDF ‑ 2.6 MB)
Aldridge, E. C. Pete, Jr. “Assured Access: ‘The Bureaucratic Space War’.” (PDF)
Mackey, Alden C., and Ralph E. Gatto. “Structural Load Challenges During Space Shuttle Development.” (PDF)
Glynn, Philip C., and Thomas L. Moser. “Orbiter Structural Design and Verification.” (PDF)
Moser, Thomas L. “Reliability Engineering of the Space Shuttle: Lessons Learned.” (PDF)
Moser, T. L., and W. C. Schneider. “Strength Integrity of the Space Shuttle.” AIAA-81-2469, November 11-13, 1981, Las Vegas, Nevada.  
Modlin, C. Thomas, Jr., and George A. Zupp, Jr. “Shuttle Structural Dynamics Characteristics, The Analysis and Verification.” (PDF)
Cohen, Aaron, and Milton A. Silveira. “Space Shuttle Orbiter.” (PDF ‑ 2.2 MB)
Sample Cost Projections (PDF)
Interfaces (PDF)

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