16.891J | Spring 2003 | Graduate

Space Policy Seminar


LEC # Topics Readings Due Assignments Due
1 What is Policy, why is it important, and why are we in space?

2 Current stakeholders & their missions and roles

Stone. Chap. 1, 2 Intro.

Web sites for space policy players.

Documents in Reading 01.

Logsdon. “Rationale for space programs.”

Memo: Stone Reading
3 Space history and policy in the fifties

McDougall. p. 1-230

Selected reading on history of the NRO

Memo: Satellite Flyover
4 Space history and policy in the sixties

McDougall. p. 231-407

Memo: Moon Mission
5 Space history and policy in the seventies

Launius, and McCurdy. Chap. 4

Wheelon. Chap. 1, 2

Spires. Chap. 4, 5

Memo: Apollo
6 Space history and policy in the eighties

Launius, and McCurdy, Chap. 2

Spires. Chap. 6

Wheelon. Chap. 3, 4

Documents in Reading 02

Memo: Challenger
7 Space history and policy in the nineties

Launius, and McCurdy. Chap. 5, 6, Epilogue

Spires. Chap. 7, 8 “State of the Space Industry” Report

Documents in Reading 03

Memo: ISS Hab Module
8 International and US Space Policy and Law

Reynolds, and Merges. Chap. 2-4

Selected summaries of space law

Memo: Moon Treaty
9 Special Topic: Globalstar
Special Topic: GPS & Galileo


10 Special Topic: Space Launch


11 Student Presentation on Term Project

Provided by students

Group Term Briefing
12 Scenarios for the Future: A Panel Discussion

Group Term Project reports

Memo: Next US Space Endeavor