1 Introduction and project definition Olivier de Weck, Edward Crawley Assignment 1 out
2 Astrophysics from the Moon Massimo Stiavelli, STSCI  
3 Telescope design 101 Olivier de Weck

Assignment 1 due

Assignment 2 out

4 Stakeholder analysis Edward Crawley  
5 Human science operations in space Jeff Williams, NASA astronaut Assignment 2 due
6 System architecture 101 Edward Crawley  
7 Trade study methodology Olivier de Weck  
8 System architecture 102 Edward Crawley  

Radio astronomy

System requirements review (SRR)

Radio astronomy - Jackie Hewitt, Kavli institute for astrophysics and space research

System requirements review (SRR) - 16.89 class

System requirements document due

10 Human servicing of spacecraft Jeff Hoffman, MIT aero/astro  
11-13 Preliminary design review (PDR) preparation-no lecture    
14 Preliminary design review 16.89 class Preliminary design report due
15 Integrated modeling and simulation of space telescopes Gary E. Mosier, NASA Goddard spaceflight center  
16 Space telescope servicing Mark Baldesarra, MIT aero/astro  
17 Introduction to interferometry Olivier de Weck  
18 Lunar logistics Sarah Shull, MIT aero/astro  
19 Additional lectures    
20 Critical design review (CDR) 16.89 class  
21 CDR debriefing   Final design report due

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