17.199J | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Working in a Global Economy


Paper Assignment 1

Paper Topics

Papers should be seven pages long. They are due 3 days after lecture 6. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions. Whatever topic you choose, make sure you summarize the positions you are discussing, and support your arguments with reference to the relevant literature, examples and cases. No additional research is needed, but I do expect answers to show familiarity with the assigned materials.

  1. Some analysts believe globalization will put an end to longstanding national economic, political and cultural differences. Others disagree. Which side, if any, do you think is right, and why? While arguing your position, make sure to present the alternative viewpoint.
  2. The new global economy has its supporters, but also its detractors. Why is it so controversial? What are its most important benefits and pitfalls? Discuss with reference to some of the authors we have read and support your arguments with concrete examples.
  3. “Mondovino” portrays the transformation of the wine industry from a primarily local and artisanal production into a global one. What drives this transformation, and what are its implications? How representative is the wine industry of what’s happening in other sectors? While discussing the insights (if any) offered by the movie and the issues it raises, make sure you relate your positions to other industries, and other materials we read for the class.

Paper Assignment 2

In this paper students should analyze their experiences abroad, or any other topic/issue related to globalization in which they are interested, in light of class readings and discussions. Students can choose from a wide array of topics, but need to have their choice approved by the instructor by the end of November. Papers should include an empirical section, and a more analytical one that introduces different approaches to the issues being discussed.

Topics have ranged from regional and country-specific cases, like “Globalization and Convergence: Perspectives from the Chinese Context” and “Economy and Globalization in Zambia;” and studies of global mergers and sectors, like “DaimlerChrysler: Taken for a Ride,” and “Globalization of the Aircraft Industry;” to analyses of some of the issues and developments that are positively or negatively associated with globalization and of the institutional developments that supports it, like “Africa: The Curse of Corruption,” “Knowledge sharing through the internet & its effect on globalization,” and “Analysis of the North American Free Trade Agreement.”

To satisfy the HASS CI requirement, papers need to be at least 15 pages and students must submit a first draft of the paper for comments by the instructor before submitting their revised final version for grades. Students are also expected to present their research to the class at the end of the course.

Student Work

The following student work is used with permission and appears courtesy of the author.

Paper Topic 1

Zahir Dossa. “Globalization-Country Disclaimer: Handle with Care!” (PDF)

Mariel John. “Globalization.” (PDF)

Paper Topic 2

Mariel John. “Economy and Globalization in Zambia, paper.” (PDF)

———. “Economy and Globalization in Zambia, presentation.” (PDF)

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