17.20 | Spring 2004 | Undergraduate

Introduction to the American Political Process


Part 1: Introduction and Preliminaries
1 What is the Role of Government?  
Part 2: Institutions and American Politics
2 Understanding Institutions: The Median Voter Theorem Assignment #1 due
3 Agenda Setting: The Committee Model Assignment #2 due
4 Making Legislation: Veto Players Assignment #3 due
5 Making Legislation: Ideas and Policy Entrepreneurs Assignment #4 due
6 The Preferences of Policymakers: Elections and Responsiveness  
Part 3: Public Opinion, Elections, and Democracy
7 Campaigns and Elections  
8 The Measure and Meaning of Public Opinion Assignment #5 due
9 The Structure of Public Opinion Assignment #6 due
10 Understanding Public Opinion and American Politics: War and Race  
Part 4: Personal Interests and Political Equality
11 Mobilization of Interests Assignment #7 due
12 Participation and the Political System Assignment #8 due
Part 5: American Politics: Bringing it all Together
13 The Welfare Implications of Government  
14 Conclusions  

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