Course Meeting Times

Lecture: 1 session/week, 2 hours/session


There are no prerequisites for this course, but permission of the instructor is required.

Course Description

This is a graduate course on mass political behavior. It should be of interest to a range of students, including those planning to specialize in American politics, and those with a broader interest in political behavior concepts that have been developed within American politics but are applicable to other fields. The substantive goal of this course is to give students an introduction to some of the major questions in the study of American political behavior, and how people have gone about answering them. The background goal is to help students practice reading work critically and thinking through the difficulties of social science research, in preparation for doing individual research. Participation in this course includes reading, writing memos, leading discussion, and a final research paper.


Memos 30%
Class participation 40%
Final paper 30%

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Fall 2016
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