17.202 | Spring 2010 | Graduate

Graduate Seminar in American Politics II


Students were asked to complete two different types of assignments during the semester.

Weekly one-page memos

Each memo will summarize an important theme raised in the preceding week’s readings and propose a question or line of discussion to be pursued during the seminar. The one-page memos are due the day before class and must be distributed to all seminar participants beforehand.

Examples of a student’s weekly one-page memos (Courtesy of an MIT student. Used with permission.)

“Congress-Representation and Institutionalization” (PDF)

“Congress-Party, Polarization and Ideology” (PDF)

“President I” (PDF)

“President II” (PDF)

“Courts I” (PDF)

“Courts II” (PDF)

“Bureaucracy” (PDF)

“Parties” (PDF)

“Interest Groups” (PDF)

Four longer essays

Four additional essays are also required at various times throughout the semester. They should be four pages in length. You will take a week’s readings and pose a general exam-like question that pertains to the reading. You will then write an answer to your question. I will grade the essay and return it to you for your revision, which you will complete by the end of the term.

Examples of a student’s essays (Courtesy of an MIT student. Used with permission.)

“Bureaucracy” (PDF)

“Congress” (PDF)

“Parties and Interest Groups” (PDF)

“Presidency” (PDF)

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