17.408 | Fall 2013 | Graduate

Chinese Foreign Policy


Course Meeting Times

Seminars: 1 session / week; 2 hours / session


The permission of the instructor is required to take this seminar.

Course Description

This graduate seminar examines the main theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of Chinese foreign policy. Discussion will focus on how various topics in Chinese foreign policy are studied, how they could be researched more effectively, and how they can be integrated into the broader field of international relations. The seminar also seeks to prepare students to conduct original research on Chinese foreign policy, comparative foreign policy, and international relations. Readings include books and articles that integrate the study of China’s foreign policy with the field of international relations.

Requirements and Grading

The first requirement is active participation in the seminar. A successful seminar requires attendance at every meeting and completion of all readings as well as active and engaged participation. To stimulate discussion, students will be assigned as discussants each week.

The second requirement is a research paper on the topic of your choice. For more information, see the Assignments section.

Class participation 50%
Research paper 50%

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Fall 2013
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