17.418 | Fall 2011 | Graduate, Undergraduate

Field Seminar: International Relations Theory


1) Short Essays

Three short essays, one per “third” of the course, no more than 750 words or three pages long. The essays should critically examine a hypothesis, theory, question, concept or controversy contained in the readings for each week. The essay may address only a subset of the readings, but under no circumstances should the essay simply summarize assigned texts.

2) Take-Home Exercise

A take-home exercise is due at the end of the term. The question for the take-home will be distributed in class and will simulate the department’s general exam in international relations.

3) Research Abstracts

Weekly research abstracts, no more than 300 words long will be based loosely on the topic or issues raised in discussion each week. These abstracts should state a hypothesis, outline its importance and describe how it might be tested. The abstracts are due within 24 hours after each meeting.