17.433 | Spring 2011 | Undergraduate

International Relations of East Asia


I. Background
1 Introduction  
2 International Relations Theory and East Asia  
3 Historical Legacies  
II. Early Cold War
4 Origins of the Cold War in East Asia  
5 Korean War I  
6 Korean War II  
7 Containment in East Asia Reading quiz (Undergraduate)
8 Vietnam War  
9 Collapse of the China-Soviet Alliance Précis I due (Graduate)
III. Late Cold War
10 US-China Rapprochement  
11 China-Soviet Cold War  
12 US-China Normalization and Beyond Essay I due (Undergraduate)
13 Maintaining Regional Order I: ASEAN Reading quiz (Undergraduate)
14 Financial Miracles  
15 Japan’s Emergence  
IV. Post-Cold War
16 Ripe for Rivalry?  
17 Maintaining Regional Order II: Beyond ASEAN  
18 Financial Crisis and Regionalism Essay I due (Graduate)
19 Crisis in the Taiwan Straits  
20 Crisis on the Korean Peninsula Reading quiz (Undergraduate)
V. China’s Rise
21 China’s Rise Précis II due (Graduate)
22 A New Security Dilemma? Essay II due (Graduate)
23 In-class Exam  
24 The U.S. in East Asia  
25 Conclusion and Wrap-Up Essay II due (Undergraduate)

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