17.441 | Fall 2007 | Undergraduate, Graduate

International Politics and Climate Change


All students should complete the Web-based assignment. Only those choosing Written Requirement Option 2 complete the research paper.

Web-based Assignment

Due Ses #11

The assignment is as follows:

  • First, please locate the Global System for Sustainable Development. Locate the U.S. site and familiarize yourself with the structure of the site.
  • Second, locate “Submit Site” and provide 5 specific items from the Internet to be added to the system’s knowledge base. You must first identify the items you wish to add; then you provide the required information on the “Submit Site” form.

This will represent your contribution to an evolving knowledge base.

Research Paper

Due 4 days after Ses #11

You can focus on a topic of your choice. Define the issues and the problem. Present the logic of the analysis; then proceed with the analysis and the results. The paper must be empirical (in that data are presented) and must be analytical, in that it extends beyond just description.

The Instructor will review your choice of topics, and then will review your proposed contents to be covered. Upon approval of these items, you will be authorized to proceed.

Two suggested topics:

Comparing Countries

Please compare the potential sources of climate change generated by greenhouse gases in two countries (i.e. India and China). What implications might these sources have for the respective countries’ socio-economic development in the future?

Comparing International Policies

The international system is entering a new phase in negotiations pertaining to global strategies in response to climate change dilemmas. Please examine the issues that “push” for collaboration and those that “pull” toward disagreement. What incentives might be framed to increase collaboration and reduce disagreements?