17.482 | Spring 2015 | Undergraduate, Graduate

U.S. Military Power


Mid-term Exam

There will be an open-note, sit-down, one hour in-class midterm exam during Week 6. The exam will cover the material from the first six weeks of the course.

Final Exam

The final exam is an open-note, sit-down exam after the last class. Study questions will be distributed before the final exam. These questions will be closely related but not identical to those asked on the actual exam.

Term Paper

Students will write a term paper, consisting of an analysis of a current conventional forces problem.

The paper will be due in stages:

  • a topic due during Week 3
  • a preliminary outline due during Week 5
  • a detailed outline due during Week 8
  • the final paper due during Week 11

See References and Resources for examples, similar work, and research ideas for the paper.

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