17.482 | Spring 2015 | Undergraduate, Graduate

U.S. Military Power


1 Introduction: The Past, Present, and Future of the U.S. Force Structure  
2 U.S. Grand Strategy  
3 The Fundamentals of Campaign Analysis Paper Topic due
4 History and Role of Airpower  
5 The Last Fair Fight? The Battle of the Bulge, 1944 Preliminary Paper Outline due
6 Intelligence and Military Operations Mid-term Exam
7 Naval Power and Power Projection  
8 The Guadalcanal Campaign Detailed Paper Outline due
9 The New U.S. Way of War: Desert Storm to Operation Iraqi Freedom  
10 Afghanistan, Iraq, and Counter-insurgency: An Old Problem Returns  
11 “Humanitarian Military Intervention”: Kosovo and Related Applications Campaign Analysis Paper due
12 The Nuclear Age and Nuclear Proliferation  

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Spring 2015