1 Introduction  
2 General Discussion of Ethnic Identity 2 page paper due
Section I: General Theory
3 Primordialist Approaches 2 page paper due
4 Constructivist Approaches I  
5 Constructivist Approaches II 5-7 page paper due
Section II: Variables Driving Identity Construction
6 Modernization 2 page paper due
7 Entrepreneurship 2 page paper due
8 Patronage  
9 Prejudice and Stigma 5-7 page paper due
Section III: Ethnic Group Mobilization as an Independent Variable
10 Party Politics and Consociationalism  
11 Democracy and Democratic Consolidation 2 page paper due
12 Ethnic Mobilization and Civil War 2 page paper due
13 Ethnic Riots  
14 Partition and Secession

5-7 page paper due

Final paper due one week after session 14.

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