17.522 | Fall 2006 | Graduate

Politics and Religion


Response Papers

Participants will write five short response papers (750 - 1000 words) that critically discuss a given week’s readings. To ensure unbiased grading, please put your name on a separate page at the end of the paper.

Exemplary Response Papers

The following five response papers are by Kristin Fabbe and are used with permission.

Paper 1: “Repairing” Classical Theories of Secularization: Two Approaches (PDF)

Paper 2: Continuity and the Emergence of Nationalism: Recognizing the Political Dimension of Church-State Relations (PDF)

Paper 3: Religion and Political Legitimacy: Religions as Unitary Actors? (PDF)

Paper 4: When Cultural Prejudices Parade as Social Science: The Problem of Selection Bias (PDF)

Paper 5: The Problem of the PKK: Supplementing Pape’s Theory with Thick Description (PDF)

Leading Discussion

Each seminar participant will serve as discussion leader for a class session in a week for which they have not written a response paper.

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